Peak boating season in Georgia runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and this year the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has partnered with TEAM Georgia, an organization devoted to sober driving initiatives, to encourage boating safety on the waterways this summer.

The State of Georgia has established a variety of regulations for its boaters in The Handbook of Georgia Boating Laws and Responsibilities, but raising awareness specifically about three key guidelines has become a goal of the DNR this season.

Boating Safety Rule No. 1—Life Jackets. In Georgia, boaters are required to have a wearable lifejacket of appropriate size for every person on a watercraft at any given time.

Boating Safety Rule No. 2—Crafts off the water at dark. Boats without approved lighting systems and jet skis must cease operation at dusk.

Boating Safety Rule No. 3—Choose a Designated Skipper. It is not illegal for a person operating a boat to drink, but the boating blood alcohol limit in Georgia is .10 or lower. Boat driver’s exceeding this limit may be charged with boating under the influence.

These rules are just a starting point. More information about boating safety guidelines is available online at the Georgia DNR website, which features several videos that provide good lessons on boater safety.

We hope you boat safely this season, but if you are involved in a boating accident, contact David Van Sant, an Alpharetta personal injury attorney who represents clients who suffer boating related injuries.

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