The long holiday weekend ahead means lots of people will be heading out to the woods and open spaces with their ATVs. The popularity of these All Terrain Vehicles has increased dramatically in recent years, as have accidents and deaths associated with them.

While most parents would never give the keys to their car to their underaged children, every weekend thousands of parents hand over the keys to an ATV, dirt bike, or jet ski.

Making sure children and adults alike know the safety rules around these sorts of “toys” is key to preventing accidents.

When it comes to jet skis, all drivers should be required to complete a boater safety course. For ATVs, while no similar course exists, ATV owners must ensure that all riders have been given adequate instruction before mounting the vehicle.

Helmets are essential on ATVs, dirt bikes and motorcycles, but that’s not enough. Smart driving is the key. Make sure you keep your loved ones safe by ensuring they are adequately schooled on driving safety.

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