In 2008, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicated that 40 percent of all auto accident deaths occurred as a result of multi-vehicle accidents. A multi-vehicle accident can be defined as any accident involving more than one vehicle. In most cases, however, the label of multi-vehicle accident is used to apply to accident situations where there were three or more cars involved in an accident. These crashes are also called "pile-ups.

Multi-vehicle accidents can create many legal complications as it can be difficult to determine who was the underlying cause of the accident and which driver should be held legally liable. An experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer at Van Sant Law, LLC can help you to resolve the legal issues you face and recover compensation after a multi-car accident.

The Dangers of Multi-Vehicle Accidents
Multiple vehicle crashes typically result from a chain reaction. Typically, one or two cars will become involved in a crash. Other vehicles will then be unable to stop or avoid the damaged vehicles and will also get into an accident as a result. This type of accident is more likely to occur in situations where cars are packed tightly together with nowhere for drivers to go when they come upon an accident scene. They are also more likely to occur when visibility is compromised.

Some common examples of accidents that lead to multi-vehicle crashes include:
  • Accidents where one driver rear-ends another. The vehicle that is rear-ended can be pushed forward and, in turn, can rear end the vehicle in front of him.
  • Accidents where one or more cars crash on a busy road. Other vehicles coming upon the crashed vehicle may be unable to stop in time and will strike the vehicle(s), becoming involved in an accident themselves.
  • Accidents where a driver is pushed into another lane. When a car is hit, it may be pushed into another lane due to the force of the collision. The car that is pushed into the other lane will, in turn, cause an accident involving oncoming traffic in that lane.
These types of situations are more likely to occur:
  • In bad weather such as fog, rain or snow where drivers have a difficult time seeing accidents or stopping on time.
  • At high speeds. Cars that are traveling at high speeds are less likely to be able to stop or swerve to avoid crashing themselves when they come upon an accident.
  • In high-traffic situations. This creates a situation where drivers have nowhere to go to swerve out of the way or avoid becoming involved in an accident.
  • When rubbernecking occurs. Rubbernecking refers to drivers slowing and looking at the scene of an accident. These distracted drivers may be more likely to become involved in a multi-vehicle crash.
Often, one or more drivers is to blame for causing the multi-vehicle accident. The driver who was responsible for causing the crash should be held legally liable and should compensate the accident victims. An Atlanta Car Accident Attorney at Van Sant Law, LLC can help you to prove fault and obtain compensation after a crash.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents Put Everyone at Risk
When a multi-vehicle accident occurs, any driver involved in the crash could suffer serious or even deadly injuries. Some of the common injuries that result from multi-vehicle accidents include:
  • Bone fractures;
  • Burns;
  • Amputations;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Spinal cord injuries; and,
  • Back and neck issues
The more serious the injuries that you suffer, the more compensation that you should be entitled to. However, when there are many cars that crash, it can be challenging to prove that one particular driver was the cause of your injuries and is thus responsible for compensating you. At Van Sant Law, LLC, we can work with you to gather the necessary evidence to prove fault. Whether you need to interview witnesses or secure the services of an accident reconstruction expert, our experienced Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers are here to help you.

Getting Legal Help from an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Following a Multi-Vehicle Collision

When you've been seriously hurt in a crash, you have a lot at stake. You are entitled to be compensated for your medical costs, lost income/wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress. If the multi-vehicle accident caused the death of a relative or loved one, then you can make a wrongful death claim for damages.

To be successful in making a claim and recovering compensation, you need an advocate on your side. At Van Sant Law, LLC, our Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers will stand up for your rights. We can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company to settle or our experienced litigators can be your voice in the courtroom to obtain the monetary damages you need to be "made wholeafter your accident.

To learn more about how we can help you after your head-on accident, contact us online or give us a call at (404) 991-5950.

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