Despite increasing safety features being added to cars, accidents injure Atlanta residents on a daily basis. While many accidents are caused by reckless driving or poor decision-making, others are unavoidable. Victims of car accidents need the assistance of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to ensure that their case is handled professionally and that they can focus on dealing with injuries and other concerns.

“The number of car accidents continues to rise, and injuries can range from slight to severe. When an injury forces you to miss work and rack up expensive medical bills, it’s important that the responsible party pays,” says Atlanta personal injury attorney David Van Sant.

Van Sant reminds drivers that, while insurance companies exist to cover the cost of accidents caused by their drivers, insurance companies may not always be in a hurry to settle a claim.

“Insurance companies often will require reams of information from victims of accidents. Delays in judgments and determinations of liability can cause accident victims great financial hardships,” Van Sant says.

The increasing number of car accidents means insurance backlogs can be real, but there is often an alternative motive.

“Insurance companies do not want to pay unless they are certain that their client is at fault. That’s why a police report is critical whenever there is an accident,” Van Sant says.

The shear number of accidents on Atlanta roadways can make getting a squad car to your accident difficult. When you are injured, first responders will include fireman and Emergency Medical Personnel. Sometimes accident victims will be taken away by necessity before a police report has been filed. Injured motorists need the help of an attorney to ensure their needs are taken care of in a timely fashion.

“Keep the name of your preferred attorney in the glove box of your car with your auto registration and insurance inforamtion. This can be a great time saver for family members who need help getting matters handled,” Van Sant says.

As accidents on Atlanta roads increase with the traffic counts, the need for an attorney also increases. For more information on the services of a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant.

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