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Jeremy Karassik

Jeremy Karassik joined Van Sant Law in 2017 after a 13 year career in one of the largest school systems in Metro Atlanta teaching high school Social Sciences, including US Government and Law and as Athletic Director.

He received his Bachelors from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and his Masters in Education from Georgia State University. As a case manager, Jeremy was compassionate and empathized with his clients facing a difficult time.


Jeremy understands that injuries create uneasiness, uncertainty and unwelcomed challenges and helps guide his clients through the complicated process with care. During his time as a Case Manager, he was able to gain insight and understand what a client goes through from the intake call to the settlement.


As the Operations Manager at Van Sant Law, Jeremy now takes that knowledge and shares it with a wider audience to get clients exactly what they deserve — compassion, communication and fair compensation.

Jeremy Karassik

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