Big Truck = Big Chance of Injury Says Alpharetta Accident Attorney

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Every year in Georgia there are more than 5,400 accidents involving a tractor trailer. That’s nearly 15 per day. While you might think you’re safe traveling on city streets rather than highways, you might be surprised to know that 33 percent of those accidents (or approximately five per day) happen in towns, and they often occur at low speeds, even in parking lots.

If your car is hit by a much larger vehicle, the impact on your vehicle and your body can be large. It’s important to seek medical treatment if you are in a collision with a much larger vehicle. If your airbag deployed, see a doctor.

Injuries suffered from a car accident with a truck are often related to the back, neck or spine. Impact collisions strong enough to unleash your vehicle’s airbags can’t be taken lightly.

Clients often tell us, “I didn’t have medical insurance so I didn’t go to the doctor right away…” It is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after a crash. If emergency response teams have been called and the EMTs recommend you go with them in the ambulance, do it. Don’t let the cost of the ambulance ride concern you. What is most important is getting the care you need.

When you are in an accident and it is not your fault, there are expenses that the other driver will be required to cover. If he has adequate insurance, there’s usually no problem, but how quickly you sought medical treatment will play into the other driver’s insurance company’s evaluation of the incident.

The bottom line is: if the accident is not your fault and you need medical attention, get it right away, whether you have medical insurance or not.

David Van Sant is an Alpharetta accident lawyer who has worked with many victims of tractor trailer accidents and other high impact collisions. The expenses that can come from an injury or lost time from work can mount. An attorney can assist you in numerous ways, including with help paying medical bills while waiting on a settlement. If you are in an accident, get the support of a top attorney. David Van Sant is an Alpharetta accident lawyer who works for victims.