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What are Some of the Behaviors Causing Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents?

Atlanta distracted driving accidents are a serious problem. When drivers aren’t 100 percent focused on the road before them, they could cause accidents to happen. These accidents can result in injury to passengers and innocent motorists in other vehicles, as well as injury to the driver who is distracted. When this type of accident happens, victims need to know what their rights are and what legal options they have. An attorney can provide help in understanding how to pursue an accident claim. atlanta distracted driving crash

Because distracted driving can be very dangerous, drivers need to avoid distracting behaviors so they can reduce the chances of causing a crash. There are lots of different behaviors drivers do that can prevent them from being as focused on the road as they should be, and drivers should do their best to avoid all of the high-risk behaviors.

What are the Behaviors Causing Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents?

One of the most common behaviors which causes Atlanta distracted driving accidents is motorists talking on the phone or otherwise using their phones to text, email, or check in on social media. People know they are not supposed to use their cell phones, but they make the decision to use them anyway. Many people think they won’t be one of the drivers who crash, since they’ve used their phones lots of times and been fine. Of course, it only takes one accident just one time to change your life forever.

Distraction also goes beyond phones. Some of the other behaviors causing distracted driving accidents in Atlanta include:

  • Having pets in the car. If you have your animal in the car, you may be more focused on taking care of the pet or paying attention to what the animal is doing than you are focused on the road. Your dog or cat could also suddenly begin to make loud noises or could jump on you, as animals don’t understand you need to concentrate on driving. If you must travel with your pet in the car with you, ensure your pet is safely secured in an appropriate crate, carrier, or harness.
  • Entering data into a GPS. Typing in an address, looking for points of interest, or even reading a GPS map closely could result in an accident happening. Even GPS devices which you control with your voice could be an issue as you look at the screen to check commands and deal with problems with incorrect inputs.
  • Reaching for items. If you are reaching for items in the car, you are not focused on the road.
  • Talking with passengers. This is an especially big problem for teen drivers, who may not be able to multi-task effectively and talk to peers while keeping focused on the road.

These are some of the key considerations to be aware of which cause distracted driving accidents in Atlanta. If you make a commitment to focus on driving only, you can avoid becoming the cause of a distracted driving crash.

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