Be Smart and Safe on Busy Roads

Categories: Accident Victims

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen someone on the side of the highway looking for something? Have you ever wondered what could possibly be so important to risk life and limb on a busy road? I know when I see this I always think, “Don’t they know they could get hurt or at minimum cause an auto accident?”

As a personal injury attorney, I’ve dealt with clients who have sustained serious injuries both as a result of pulling off the road to look for a lost item, or because of someone who has pulled over to look for something, thereby causing a traffic snarl, a quick brake job, or a skid.

Is there anything worth so much that you would risk life and limb to find it? Unless it’s a child or another person, I would wager the answer is “No.”

The most common items people stop on the road to find are cell phones, wallets, and purses. It’s not uncommon for people to place these items on top of their cars, or on the trunk when pumping gas, loading their groceries into their car, or leaving for work in the morning. Then something else gets their attention, and off they go…

Of course if you realize your phone just flew off your car you want to go and retrieve it, and there’s nothing worse than losing your purse or wallet. But is retrieving these items worth risking your life? I think not.

Avoiding personal injury is something we all try to do, but in cases when you’ve lost something, you may not be thinking clearly. Be sure to stop and think about how much you more you have to lose, or your family has to lose, if you are injured while trying to retrieve your phone or your Ray Bans or your purse. It’s just not worth it.

If you are injured in a situation where someone on the side of the road has caused other drivers to swerve or slam on their brakes, you can seek restitution from that individual or their insurance. Stopping on many roadways is unlawful. People who break the law must pay the consequences.

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