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Bad Road Design Leads to Terrible Accident

A recent case we have been following here at the involves a fellow attorney from California who now requires 24 hour care as the result of a tragic motorcycle accident.

David Evans, 66, was a career deputy district attorney in Los Angeles who suffered severe brain and spinal cord injuries when another driver in the lane next to his ended up directily in front of him while compensating for a treacherous turn. A jury in San Bernardino awarded $31 million to him, assigning 15 percent of the blame to CalTrans.

According to evidence in the trial, for years residents had tried to have the road’s dangerous 130 degree left hand turns straightened, widened, or otherwise leveled out to make the road safer. Residents say it was not hard to end up in the other lane because the turns are so severe and the speeds are too fast.

Bad road design is really unacceptable. As a personal injury attorney, I believe it’s important to see this sort of judgment, which sends loud and clear messages to state officials and others about quality road design, the safety of our roads and the concerns of our citizens.

Many motorcycle and car accidents occur on dangerous roads. More diligence is needed to pressure state highway departments or other authorities to keep highways and all roads safe, both in design and operation..

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