Back to School Means “Proceed with Caution”

Categories: Car Accident Prevention

Back to school time is just around the corner, which means it’s time for our annual reminder about driving safe in school zones.

Sports teams have already begun practicing, and so traffic has picked up in and around school parking lots and school zones. When school starts in a few weeks, the neighborhoods and thoroughfares around schools will become congested. Be sure you plan for extra driving time in the coming weeks, as buses hit the roads and the school year begins.

You might be surprised to know that most back to school accidents are fender benders that actually occur in high school parking lots. If you’re the parent of a student driver, be sure to remind your child not to cross over lines or cut through parking lots and to take extra precautions when backing out. The same goes for parents. Be sure to observe speed zone changes and anti-cell phone rules (where applicable), and watch for those teen drivers who just might not be watching for you. A parking lot full of teen drivers is just a parking lot full of accidents waiting to happen.

Enjoy your last few days of summer, and good luck with the upcoming school year! If you need an attorney to assist you with personal injuries, car accidents, or other complicated legal matters, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant. Drive safe!