How to Avoid Car Accidents During Holidays & Vacations

Categories: Car Accident Prevention

Adult upset driver man inspecting automobile body after crash caWith the holiday season upon us, there is more traffic on the roadways as people travel to visit family and friends more frequently. As you might expect, the number of accidents will increase during the holiday season because of DUI incidents, careless driving, distracted driving, and nasty weather. In today’s post, we will discuss the best ways to avoid car accidents during busier times of the year.

Stay Out of the Fast Lane

It’s a good idea to stay out of the fast moving lane  – usually the far left lane – during the holiday and vacation seasons. If you are driving in the left lane, and something happens in front or behind you, there are fewer opportunities for you to avoid an accident. If you are in the middle lane, you can move either right or left. If you are in the right lane, you can quickly move onto the shoulder and out of harm’s way.

Judge Other Vehicles on the Roads

We know that judging others is not a good virtue, but when it comes to staying safe on the roads during the holidays or vacations, it is imperative you do so. While driving, check the other vehicles around you for potential issues. Are there any vehicles swerving? Are any vehicles erratically changing lanes? Is there a vehicle in front of you covered in snow? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or similar questions, be sure to move away from these types of vehicles as soon as you can safely do so.

Scan As Far As Possible

It can become commonplace for drivers to focus solely on the vehicle directly in front of them, especially when on long trips. In order to stay safe on the roads during your vacation, however, drivers should scan as far in front of them as possible. When you look ahead into the distance beyond you, it is easier to prepare for an emergency situation should one occur.

Stick with Driving During the Day

An easy way to avoid accidents is to only drive during daylight hours. This can be difficult, based on your schedule, but driving at night can be more dangerous. Even though traffic might be lighter, you will have to deal with issues surrounding your sight, drowsiness, animals on the roads, drunk drivers, and icy conditions if temperatures drop.

Avoid Distractions

You should avoid distractions as much as possible when driving during busy times of the year. This includes talking or texting on your cellphone while driving, changing radio stations while driving, yelling at the children in the backseat, eating, or searching for items that have fallen somewhere in the vehicle.

Check Your Car Before Traveling

It is a good idea to check your car prior to hitting the roads. Make sure all of your lights work, including turn signals, brakes, and high beams. Check the pressure of the tires, including your spare. Make sure you have jumper cables in your trunk in the event that your battery dies while traveling.

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