Avoid Accidents: Tips for Driving in the Rain

Categories: Car Accident Prevention

Recent storms have brought to our attention the potential dangers of driving on wet pavement or in extreme downpours or other severe weather.

It never hurts to refresh your memory with tips for safe driving, so with that in mind, today we are happy to share these Tips for Driving in Rain, as offered by SmartMotorist:

Slow down! It takes longer to stop on wet pavement than on dry pavement, so you need to drive slower in the rain.
Drive in the middle lane. Less water tends to accumulate in the middle.
Keep a greater distance between you and the driver ahead.
Be extra cautious while passing.
Don’t follow buses or large trucks too closely. They tend to spray large amounts of water that can reduce your traction or visibility.
Slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator. Avoid stomping on your brakes in the rain.
Turn on your headlights. If your wipers are on, your headlights should be too. Headlights make it easier for other drivers to see you.
Never drive through moving water and be cautious of puddles. Deep water can damage your car’s electrical system.
Stay off the road during heavy thunderstorms or downpours. Lighting can be temporarily blinding, and rain makes roads slick.
Be extra mindful of pedestrians, animals and other cars, as they may be difficult to see.
We want our friends and clients to follow safe driving tips to avoid accidents. If you are in an accident and you need legal advice, contact David Van Sant for a confidential consultation.