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ATV Accidents Can Be Prevented with Training

In Georgia, a lot of people like to cut loose on the weekends, and ATV enthusiasts are growing in number. Unfortunately, so are ATV accidents, injuries and even deaths.

It’s funny how we’re very careful with our kids when it comes to driving our cars, but when it comes to things like mini bikes, jet skis, or ATVs, we hand over the keys and watch them speed away.

Making sure children and adults alike know the safety rules around these sorts of “toys” is key to preventing accidents. Boating season should be about over, but a few warm days is all it takes to get the jet skis back on the lakes. All jet ski drivers must complete a boater safety course. Personal flotation devices are required, and you can’t drink and drive. Some jet skis go as fast as 70 mph. Safe operation at all times is the key to safe riding and fun.

There isn’t a Georgia state mandated course for ATV drivers, but owners of these vehicles need to make sure that all riders are old enough be on the vehicle, everyone is wearing a helmet, and safe operation instructions have not only been shared, but drilled into them.

The wrong time to realize that a child in your care doesn’t know how to operate an ATV or other motorized vehicle is after they’ve sped away. When you allow other children to ride your vehicles, you are assuming liability for them. Personal injury attorneys often represent their clients against friends who allowed them to get hurt riding an ATV.

Don’t hand over the keys to your toys to anyone who has not been properly trained, is not properly outfitted, or who is too young to handle the vehicle and the responsibility.

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