Attorneys Help Sort Out Insurance Issues After an Accident

Categories: Accident Victims

If you are in a car accident in the state of Georgia, you probably already know that you’ll be dealing with insurance hotlines, claims adjusters, and possibly the police. You might also be dealing with doctors, hospitals, medical bills and expenses associated with any injuries that you, the other driver, or any passengers in the vehicles involved have sustained.

In short, a car accident, even a small one, can become a complicated mess involving many different parties. It can be a lot to sort out, particularly if you are trying to do it on your own. While your insurance company may be helpful, insurance companies are also going to look at every factor involved in the accident to determine which policy holder is liable for the damages that have been sustained.

Depending on the insurance coverage of the person that caused the accident, you may find that, with the expensive cars on the road today and the high cost of medical care, you could bump up against maximum coverage limits quickly. The more people or vehicles involved, the quicker the “maximum coverage” could be exhausted.

If an insurance company is offering policy limits, you need to make sure that there is no other coverage available before you agree to accept the policy limits. Georgia law allows provisions to deal with situations where policy limits are reached, allowing you recovery against additional insurance policies, including your own. However, there is a very specific way in which this must be done, and you will need the assistance of a qualified attorney.

It is important to never accept the policy limits without having an attorney analyze all the available coverage. If the other motorist is at fault and does not have insurance, the problem intensifies, because uninsured motorist coverage is also limited.

David Van Sant is a personal injury attorney who can help you sort through the complexities of an automobile accident that involves injuries. Mr. Van Sant is knowledgeable about the legal process and familiar with how insurance companies work. If you are currently facing a situation where your insurance company says its “done all it can do,” and if your problems are not solved, you need the help of an attorney.

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