Attorney Representation Key to Product Liability Claims

Categories: Liability

Do liability claims hurt American competitiveness or do they help victims? There is no evidence to suggest that America is less competitive than at any other time in history, despite claims that there are too many legal cases strangling corporate innovation.
In reality, the United States has “significantly strengthened” its competitive position in dozens of important technology arenas. The U.S. is a leader in environmental technology, biotechnology, computer innovation and communications. American industry is one of the top leaders in virtually every major global industry. This is occurring even as courts hear more cases for personal injury and juries render larger verdicts for such wrongdoings.

David Van Sant, an attorney with expertise in personal injury law, says that U.S. laws and the opportunity to have a day in court actually strengthens U.S. competitiveness. American products are continually improved by legal mandate, which has helped the country’s reputation for superior safety in major product categories. One could question whether the U.S. would continue to improve products were it not for the legal requirement to do so that is often imposed upon them as the result of a terrible injury or death.

Van Sant also notes that foreign manufacturers who market and sell their products in the United States are held to the same high standards and are subject to the same liability laws as American manufacturers. Product improvements do not hinder a competitive position but only enhance it.

If you are injured due to a product malfunction or because of a corporation’s product or service, do not be intimidated by those who say that lawsuits hurt America or that you can’t fight big business. Lawsuits protect Americans, and lawyers like David Van Sant are in business to make sure that consumers who are harmed by malfunctioning products or dangerous situations are compensated for their injuries by the liable parties.

American laws and lawsuits against manufacturers help to keep unsafe products off the shelves and hold manufacturers responsible when someone is injured. That’s a very good thing.