Atlanta Injury Lawyer Shares Medical Treatment Insight

Categories: Medical Lawsuits

While politicians debate about health care laws, what most people don’t know is that emergency personnel continue to do their jobs. That’s the way it needs to be. Health care needs to be focused on saving lives. Paying the bills and legislating how that works, comes later.

However, there are cases every day where someone injured in a car accident refuses medical treatment because they lack insurance. But if the accident wasn’t your fault, chances are you won’t be responsible for medical treatment, so by all means you should seek it at once.

David Van Sant is an Atlanta injury lawyer who works with accident victims. He makes it possible for his clients to focus on getting the medical attention they need while he works out the details for medical bill payment and other restitution.

“If you work with a good attorney and you have been injured in an accident, whether on the job or on the road, you don’t need to worry about medical bills,” Van Sant says, adding that victims need to focus on getting better. They need to let their attorney handle the payment concerns.

His firm is set-up to mange the payment of medical bills in advance of the settlement of a lawsuit or case. That helps ensure that victims are not harrassed about paying thier medical bills when their cases have not yet been resolved.

David Van Sant is an accident attorney in Atlanta, and he has helped hundreds of victims get what they deserve. For more information on working with a personal injury attorney, what to expect after an accident, or to find out about accident reconstruction and other courtroom preparation techniques, contact the Law Officesof David Van Sant.