Atlanta Injury Lawyer Discusses Legal Reform

Categories: Personal Injury

When you have been wronged and need justice, you need a lawyer to help. The media is full of stories about the need for “legal reform,” and the U.S. Congress is working on legal reform bills that are a cause of concern for trial lawyers everywhere.

While large corporations lobby hard for legal reforms to reduce their liabilities, trial attorneys know that victims need the court option to ensure justice. A trial by jury is still one of the best ways to ensure that justice prevails. Recent data compiled by the National Center for State Courts says that many of the arguments presented for legal reforms – that tort claims and civil cases clog the court system and do little to help victims – are simply wrong.

Critics contend that the costs associated with our liability system are skyrocketing, but in fact, the numbers being used by advocates for reform are grossly over-estimated. The costs for settling injury cases actually are far less than the costs of those injuries to the victims. Estimates also say that about 6,000 deaths and millions of injuries are prevented each year because a case goes to court that changes the way a product is made or that requires a corporation to do things differently. The benefit to society as a whole is greatly enhanced by our current legal system.

When juries speak, corporate America listens. Many trials have led to product changes. For example, infants no longer die in cribs from strangulation because the width between crib bars has been reduced. Shoulder harnesses have reduced death and injuries in automobiles because of the legal system. Harmful medical devices are pulled from the market, as are pharmaceuticals that cause more harm than good. None of these changes would have occurred without the help of personal injury lawyers and the trial system.

Some of the proposed legal revisions working their way through Congress would actually protect corporations and limit the rights of individuals to hold wrongdoers accountable. The legal community will fight changes that take the power away from victims to get restitution for their injuries.

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