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Atlanta Accident Attorneys

Here at Van Sant Law, we can help you if you have been involved in an accident in Atlanta. We are a team of specialist attorneys who can make a real difference to your life. We know that any type of accident can leave you feeling physically and emotionally hurt. We are also aware of the impact that it can have on your life. This is why we are here to help you. 

What your Case Is Worth 

While we cannot automatically tell you what your case is worth, we can help you. We will do our utmost to ensure you receive the biggest settlement possible. We will do this by speaking to an insurance adjuster on your behalf. We will do this because we know they are not on your side. 

It is the job of an insurance adjuster to offer you the least amount of money possible. However, when you’re represented by one of our Atlanta attorneys we’ll refuse any offer that we know is too low. 

Contact Us If…

Please contact our Atlanta attorneys if you have been involved in any of the following:

– Car Accidents

gainesville personal injury lawyers

If you have been involved in a car accident in or around Atlanta, we could help. We represent car accident victims throughout Atlanta. We will work to ensure your settlement is more likely to cover your medical bills, loss of earnings, and repairs to your vehicle.

– Defective Products

Some manufacturers work too quickly to get a product onto the market. They don’t always ensure that they are safe to use. If you have been injured even though you were using a product as instructed, you could have a claim.

– Diminution in value

If you have been involved in a car accident and your car has lost its value, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. This is regardless of how much your car has diminished in value.

– Dog bites

If you were bitten by a dog we can protect you. Make sure you work with a law firm that knows your local dog bite laws. We can take action so you’re much more likely to receive the compensation you need to ensure you recover emotionally and physically.

– Food poisoning

If you have fallen ill because food you consumed was poorly handled or there was a lack of food hygiene, we can help. Talk to our Atlanta attorneys as soon as you can so we can help you make a claim.

– Medical malpractice

We put our trust in nurses, doctors, and many other medical professionals. However, we also know that accidents and injuries do occur. If you or someone you love thinks a hospital or a doctor has made a mistake, contact us today. We can ensure they are held liable.

– Motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents

Many motorcyclists fail to get the help they deserve. However, we will fight in your corner if you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

– Nursing home abuse

When we leave our loved ones in a nursing home we expect them to receive the very best care. However, in some cases, they can be subjected to abuse or negligence. The good news is Atlanta’s laws can help. We will investigate the situation and help you and your family receive the financial compensation you deserve.

– Premises liability

If you were injured on a property that belongs to a third party, we could help. If you think your accident was due to poor maintenance or a lack of safety our Atlanta attorneys can help you with your case.

– Truck accidents

This type of accident can potentially be devastating. However, truck accident claims are not always straightforward. This is because you’ll have to face the trucking company and the truck driver. This is why you’ll need the help of an experienced Atlanta attorney.

Truck Accident

– Workers Compensation

From time to time, employees can suffer from serious injuries while at work in Atlanta. The trouble is that their employers might be reticent when it comes to helping you with your claim. This is where we can come in and make a real difference. We know a lot about workers compensation claims and we can help you get the benefits you deserve.

– Wrongful death

If someone you love was fatally injured in an accident, we can help. We know how hard it can be to deal with the death of a loved-one. However, we can protect you and ensure that the family of the deceased is provided for.

Wrong full death

If you have been in an accident in Atlanta, we can help you. Here at Van Sant Law, we provide the very best help to those who deserve compensation. Contact us today so we can provide you with the help and assistance you need to make your claim.