Atlanta Accident Attorney Helps Victims with Medical Bill Payment

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When you’rein an accident and are waiting for claims to be settled, it can be difficult to keep the bills paid and the creditors from hounding you, which is why David Van Sant, an Atlanta Accident Attorney says it’s important to get a lawyer involved as soon as possible when you’ve been in an accident.

“There are ways to make sure your bills are paid while you’re waiting for the outcome of your legal case,” Van Sant says.

“When clients come to us we have ways of helping them manage their medical expenses and pay their bills while we are waiting for their case to go to trial or the case to be settled,” Van Sant says.

Attorneys like Van Sant have the ability to manage medical payments and cover expenses. When a case is finally settled, those expenses are reimbursed, with no initial out of pocket costs to victims.

“Without an attorney, you may find it hard to pay your bills. With an attorney, you have options,” Van Sant says.

To find out more, contact David Van Sant. He’s an Atlanta personal injury attorney who helps accident victims. His firm can make sure that your medical bills are covered and that you get the treatment you need without going into debt.

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