And the Answer is: Yes!

Categories: Reducing Liability

Oftentimes we are asked, “If I have a car accident and it’s just a minor fender bender, do I need to call the police.”

The answer you’ll get from the attorneys and associates in our law office: Yes.

While it may not be legally required for you to contact the police to file a minor accident report if alcohol is not involved, when it comes to ensuring that your damages are paid for by the person at fault, a police report will come in mighty handy.

If you have been hit by another driver, even if the damage looks minor, call the police. Why? It is not uncommon for at fault drivers to deny their involvement in an accident. If you drive away without a police report, it’s your word against his. In this case, his insurance company will side with their client in denying the claim.

Another reason: even minor bumps can cost thousands to repair and can cause personal injury to your neck, back, shoulders, legs, or spine. Injuries may not be apparent right away.

If you are in accident, the first call you make should be to the police to report the accident. Even if they cannot send a car, your call will be noted and a police report can be generated. If you have been injured, call Atlanta personal injury attorneys, David Van Sant or Sutton Slover. They ares available to help.