Attorney Can Help Determine Action When Insurance Coverage is Limited

Categories: Accident Victims

According to Alpharetta Accident Lawyer David Van Sant, a car accident, even a small one, can become a complicated mess involving many different parties. If you are dealing with the accident on your own, and you are also recovering from the accident, you need an attorney.

In the state of Georgia, accident victims may be dealing with the police or state or county authorities, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, and even the other driver. Depending on the insurance coverage you hold, and the insurance of the driver who was at fault, you may not have enough accident coverage to take care of both your car and your medical bills. If multiple vehicles were involved, the driver’s insurance may run out before everything is taken care of.

That’s why you need an attorney who can analyze the accident and the insurance situaiton and determine what you can expect to receive and where there may be gaps. If a lawsuit is required, your attorney will take care of all the details — big and small. .

David Van Sant works with accident victims on a daily basis. He helps themo sort through the complexities of an automobile accident that involves injuries. Mr.Van Sant and his associates are knowledgeable about the legal process and are familiar with how insurance companies work.

If you are currently facing a situation where your insurance company says its “done all it can do,” and if your problems are not solved, you need the help of an attorney.

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