America’s Worst Flu Season in Years

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In most cases, the flu is a simple one to two day affair which requires a couple of sick days to recover. Yet for some, this dangerous illness can actually send them to the hospital. Those who have very low immune systems may even lapse into critical condition if they come down with the flu. According to Rodale, there have been enough cases of the flue this year to rival the swine flu epidemic in 2009. Doctors are warning Americans to take every precaution to avoid the stomach flu because it can result in serious complications. For example, those that have the stomach flu may eventually catch norovirus, which is a form of the flu for which there is no vaccine. As well, victims may come down with whooping cough, an illness which can cause a person to cough so violently that he or she may even break ribs.

If you are exposed to a person with the highly contagious flu, you could end up in these circumstances. Therefore, you should make every effort to avoid those who have the illness. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 22,048 people have reported the flu in the past three months. Last year, only 849 people reported the winter flu. This isn’t even to name the number of unreported cases that have taken place in the United States. While you probably won’t have a worthy lawsuit if you try to seek compensation from someone who gave you the stomach flu, there are times where litigation is appropriate. For example, if you were exposed to a person with the stomach flu or knowingly shared a drink with you and then you developed a serious whooping cough which cases you to break ribs; you may be able to seek compensation from the person responsible. Contact the Van Sant Law Firm if you need an Atlanta personal injury attorney to come alongside you as you ask for compensation.