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There are several types of car accidents that may require the assistance of an Alpharetta car accident lawyer. These include single vehicle accidentsmulti vehicle accidentstruck-car accidents and others. Some are related to product liability, when an important safety system in the vehicle fails to operate or contributes to a serious injury or death. Cases in which tires fail, design flaws lead to rollovers, air bags fail to deploy, brakes fail, seatbelts fail or other auto system or product is faulty must be addressed by a skilled and experienced attorney from Van Sant Law, LLC.

Representing Injured Victims in Car Accident Cases of All Types

No matter what type of car accident you or your loved one has been involved in, our legal team has the extensive courtroom experience and background that you need. The firm’s founders have a background as defense lawyers for insurance companies, and have gained deep insight into the process and how to get satisfaction for our clients. There are frequently actions taken to reduce the claim amount; we know exactly what tactics they may use to try to get an injured victim or a bereaved family to take less than they could expect. We will relentlessly protect you and your family from these actions, and will demand fair treatment in all types of car accident injury cases.

The first critical step in any car accident injury case is to seek legal representation to evaluate your claim. All damages suffered by the victim must be carefully and completely documented. We are well aware of what challenges to our claim could be issued, and our claims are filed with this in mind. We do all we can to avoid a lengthy battle so that our client can have the relief of financial support to cover their medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and other damages.

It is important that you do not engage in any interview with an insurance adjuster prior to getting legal representation from our legal team. Insurance companies are notorious for quickly contacting victims or their families and making offers of settlement. They may ask you for access to medical records and interview you, even if you are still on painkillers or even in the hospital. We will not allow our clients to be taken advantage of for the bottom line of a corporation, and will relentlessly press for a fair settlement that addresses all the damages you have suffered in any type of car accident case.

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