Alpharetta Personal Injury Client Help Center
In a personal injury case, your attorney and the quality of your attorney-client relationship matter. Both can add tremendous value to your case. Yet most personal injury attorneys spend zero time teaching their clients how to be better plaintiffs and most potential clients spend little or no time learning about their case before retaining a lawyer. But you are different because you are reading this site.

Until you understand how a personal injury case works and what the best trial lawyers do in a case, how can you possibly know whether your case is at its absolute best. Think of all the other “services” in life where you take the time to learn about the service before you hire a professional. Some people, when they take their car to get repaired, will ask for a description of what’s wrong so they can go learn about the problem first before authorizing the repair. They obtain peace of mind they are getting what they paid for. Other people take the time to interview accountants and certified financial planners before hiring them. Of course to interview someone, you first need to know about the subject area.

It is sobering to think the exact same set of facts in a case can have tremendously different values depending on who your attorney is and how you interact with him/her. Yet this happens in cases every day.

This web site is the result of three observations we have made over the course of our legal careers. One was our frustration when we were on the other side, defending personal injury cases, where some of our clients did not cooperate in their own case. This was partly because people do not choose to be sued, partly because the average client thought they had enough insurance so why bother defending the case when the insurance company is just going to pay anyway, and partly because defense lawyers take on too many cases to spend time building the attorney-client relationship. That is why we are now highly selective in the cases we accept. We want to ensure the attorney-client relationship brings additional value to our clients.

A second observation was seeing how a party and/or their attorney did not perform litigation tasks well lost the momentum in their case. This in turn decreased the strength of either the plaintiff’s or defense’s case, thereby changing the value of the case as well. What is so frustrating about this observation is it had nothing to do with the law. It is solely the dynamics of the clients, the attorneys, and the attorney-client relationships. Again, we have developed our practice to foster attorney-client relationships that permit us to add value to our clients’ cases by assertively executing in their cases.

Third, a lawyer must, absolutely must, become emotionally engaged in a case. A jury can tell in the first ten seconds of a trial whether the attorney is passionate about his/her client’s case. If the attorney is not emotional about his/her case, then why should a jury get emotional? Fortunately for us this is much easier to achieve on the plaintiff’s side of a personal injury case. After all, you were hurt by someone else’s wrongdoing. The sense of justice and fairness insists we be emotional about what happened and in seeking out full and fair compensation.

We developed this web site to address these three observations. We know that you, by reading this guide, are interested in your own case. Also, by understanding your case you will appreciate the tasks that lie ahead and will be that much better suited for adding value to your own case. We are also at our best emotionally when we know our client shares the same passion about their case as we do.

Finally, the legal profession is one of continual learning. The case law changes every week as the appellate courts issue new opinions. We also continually learn from our clients on how we can become better trial lawyers. We are always grateful to clients and potential clients who send us questions or requests for additional information. So please let us know your thoughts accordingly so our future clients may benefit from your suggestions.