Our Fees: You Won’t Pay Us Unless We Win For You!

At Van Sant Law, LLC, our practice is operated on the philosophy that we must get results for our clients. We charge nothing unless we win! Find out how we can help you in your personal injury claim in Alpharetta. Contact our firm for more information. We are a highly committed personal injury firm with a record of success in recovering high value settlements and verdicts. Our legal team is so confident in our legal abilities that we do not charge our clients anything unless we get results and obtain a settlement or verdict.

Never hire a law firm for an injury claim that will charge you after they have failed to get results, or ask you to pay for services in an injury claim, whether they win or not. It is hard enough to pay for medical bills, insurance deductibles and added costs. You do not need the added financial stress of legal bills! Some law firms will bill you for expenses even if they are unsuccessful. This can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, as there may be the need for an expert witness or other expense. You will never have this problem with our firm.

Contingency Fees Based On Our Success

We are extremely confident and focus our practice on getting results. When we take on a case, our pledge to you is that if we don’t win, you will not owe us anything. We are only paid if we are successful in recovering compensation in a settlement or in a court verdict. After an accident, whether a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, or other type of incident, it can be difficult to manage the situation, and as the bills grow, it becomes obvious that legal action must be taken to recover the costs you have incurred. When we take on a case, we not only pursue compensation for your medical bills, we pursue compensation for pain and suffering, wage loss, and all other economic and non-economic damages. Call us for trusted legal counsel that is focused on results.

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