Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases in Atlanta and Alpharetta

Motorcycles are fun to ride, but pose a dangerous risk to the rider when a negligent driver is nearby. A large percentage of serious motorcycle injury cases are the result of an inattentive driver who turns into a motorcyclist, either in lanes, at a stop light or sign, or in turns. These cases are particularly dangerous for the motorcycle rider, as they are not well protected, and even a helmet and leather clothing cannot protect them from serious injuries in most cases. Broken bones, traumatic brain injury, loss of limb, spinal cord injuries and severe internal injuries are frequently the result. In the most tragic cases, the motorcyclist dies from the extreme physical damage that they sustain. An Alpharetta personal injury attorney from Van Sant Law, LLC has the experience and commitment to clients and their families that you need to resolve the legal matters surrounding motorcycle accident injury or death cases.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Alpharetta

When filing a claim against a negligent driver, careful attention must be paid to documenting the injury case. The motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm has extensive experience on both sides of injury cases, having served as defense counsel for insurance companies. This insight into the process is a great advantage for our clients, as we know when to press for our demands and when to negotiate, and when to take our case to court. We carefully evaluate every aspect of the case, and ensure that every type of damage that our client could be due is included in a comprehensive, well-documented claim. We are committed to seeking the maximum possible compensation for our injured clients, or their families when a precious loved one has lost their lives through the actions of a negligent driver.

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