At the risk of saying the obvious, you are reading this website because you or a loved one has been in an accident but you have not yet retained an attorney. There is a lot going on in this time period that affects the value of your case and yet you do not have an attorney consulting you. For example, you have probably had conversations with insurance adjusters. (See here for Do’s & Don’ts when doing so).

Your main three objectives at this point should be to:

  1. Work on getting better by receiving the appropriate medical care.
  2. Organize and document your case; and
  3. Seek out and retain an attorney.

This article focuses on the 2nd objective.

Maximize Your Alpharetta Personal Injury Case Value

One of the most important things you can do for your own case is keep accurate medical records by:

  • asking for a bill each time you see a doctor EVEN if your insurance is paying for it;
  • Save all prescription bills and bottles (to show the jury);
  • Keep a chart/list of all the medical appointments you have, the dates of each, or things you purchased such as heating pads or bandages.

Even though we will obtain a complete set of your medical records directly from your doctors, your documents provide a crucial double check process that all your damages are accounted for. We can’t ask for what we don’t know about. Sometimes facilities will outsource its billing in the middle of your treatment or the services are all billed through separate companies, thus, you should obtain as much correct and complete information as possible as you treat.

Another critical task for you is to document your injuries and how your life has been affected by:

  • Keep all papers anyone gives or sends you;
  • Keep a journal/diary of how your life has changed. This just needs to be two or three sentences each day that describe how you are feeling and things that you were unable to do that day, or things you could only do with pain. You want to be able to describe in detail how you were affected and your case may go on for over a year. You need to remember how you felt right after your accident.
  • Keep all the documents for your car’s repair, including estimates and photographs. The damage to your car can support the severity of your injuries.
  • Locate and/or obtain a copy of your car insurance policy. We will want to review whether you have additional insurance coverage available.

These are just some of the things you must be doing from the moment you are able to.