Most personal injury attorneys give you just enough information to get you to call them. Hopefully you know by now we are different. We decided to write down our criteria for taking your case because it saves you time in not having to make a pointless phone call. Most importantly, it saves current clients time because we are not flooded with phone calls and can devote that time to their cases. Our mission, when we decided to open our own personal injury law firm, was to strategically litigate select cases toward maximum value. Many attorneys who advertise for car accident cases take lots of small cases and hope to make their fees in volume. We do not run that type of practice. We do, however, know many well skilled attorneys who are extremely capable with these types of cases and would be happy to refer you to them.

Strategic Car Accident Attorneys in Alpharetta

To ensure we have enough time and resources to strategically litigate a case towards its maximum value, and to ensure the case justifies such an approach, we generally only take car accident cases meeting the following criteria:

  • Visible damage to your car. Juries only believe someone is hurt if the car looks like it matches your injuries. We know from experience this is not always the case and have seen cases where the right expert can persuade a jury otherwise. But you can bet the defense attorney will come to trial with an enlarged picture of your car up on a poster board and argue you could not have been hurt.
  • Medical treatment. Chiropractors are good for treating soft tissue injuries and in some cases chiropractors take more anatomy courses in school than doctors; nevertheless, a defense attorney will argue chiropractors do nothing more than massage and use hot/cold packs – all things you could have been doing at home. When injuries are more than soft tissue, we need demonstrable proof to take to a jury, something we can enlarge in a color photograph and have a doctor come to court and point at while telling the jury about your injury. We take cases where a chiropractor treated you, and also take cases where chiropractic treatment failed to relieve the pain and then you went on to see an orthopedic doctor or other specialist because your injuries.
  • The accident must be the other driver’s fault. This is what is known as liability and it is a critical element in proving your case. We need to know we have a good chance at proving this, otherwise the risk in taking your case does not justify the amount of money and time we will spend in preparing your case. If the other person received a ticket and not you, or if no one received a ticket, then we will evaluate your case. If the police officer issued you a ticket and not the other driver, we usually will not take your case. If there is some other evidence you think shows the police officer got it wrong, call me and we can talk about it.
  • The accident must have happened less than two years ago. In Georgia, you usually must file a lawsuit within two (2) years of the date you were injured. This is known as the statute of limitations. The reason we want at least a year between taking your case and the lawsuit filing deadline is because we want time to fully prepare your case. One of the biggest strategic advantages you have as a plaintiff is the other side only has six (6) months after we file a lawsuit to investigate your case in what is known as discovery. By having your case fully prepared, we can focus on staying on the offensive and keep the other side in react mode and not allow them to get any momentum in the case. It also leaves us plenty of time to fully investigate and evaluate your case so you can decide the merits of pursuing a settlement versus a trial.

So what cases are left?

Yes, there are car accident cases left. And most importantly to you, our potential client, they are the types of cases we like to litigate and can throw all our time and resources behind. It means we are focused – that we are managing our case load to give your case personal attention and are strategically litigating it toward maximum value. It means we are doing our best work for you.