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Ask any Atlanta personal injury lawyer what the most common kind of case they handle and they will tell you motor vehicle accident cases. There were 89,817 non-fatal vehicle accident injuries and 1,641 fatalities in Georgia in 2004. Just because all personal injury lawyers handle car accident cases does not mean they all handle them the same way, or that they are the best attorney for your type of personal injury.

Think about how the insurance industry, facing almost 90,000 car accident injuries a year in Georgia alone, is going to act. They are going to fight each case by taking such positions as your medical treatment was not necessary or that your auto accident just “aggravated” a pre-existing injury. They will low-ball early settlement attempts and dare you to find an attorney willing to file a lawsuit, betting you will pick the average vehicle accident attorney who only does the bare minimum and looks for a quick settlement. If they are successful in reducing every claim by a thousand dollars using these tactics, they just increased their profits by almost 90 million dollars! We urge you to visit our diminished value claims page, a little secret the insurance industry doesn’t want you to know about.

Atlanta Car Accident Attorneys

Because we receive so many calls from people looking for answers after they have been in an car accident, we provide the following articles and reports. Once you have read all the material on this website, visit our Auto Accident Case Criteria page to determine if we are the right attorneys for your case. You may learn we are not the best attorney for you. And that’s OK. Truth is, we are extremely selective about the clients we accept – just like you should be when selecting your lawyer.

Auto Accident Topics:

Frequently Asked Car Accident Questions – Answers to questions we hear most often from Atlanta car accident victims.

Georgia Personal Injury Client Help Center – Articles intended to help you understand what is involved in lawsuits. Remember, we don’t take cases for quick settlements so it is important our clients understand the whole process.

How To Hire An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney – How to look for a lawyer and questions to ask when you interview him/her.

6 Things Your Personal Injury Attorney May Not Tell You – Straight talk on issues most personal injury attorneys don’t discuss.

Understanding Car Insurance When It Comes To Your Accident – This is Insurance 101. Besides learning how insurance comes into play in your case, you may also learn some things that cause you to change your own auto insurance coverage.

Handling Your Own Auto Accident Case – We don’t suggest you do this unless you have one specific type of case and even then we are against it. But we know people are thinking about it and we respect that you are willing to research the right way to do it. We provide this article to give you tips and information on how to get started.

Downloadable Car Accident Guide – Download and view the 30+ page guide to get an overview of things to consider after a car accident


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