Have you suffered Loss or Damage due to a defective automobile in Atlanta or Alpharetta?

Automobile defects can result in catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths. Despite consumer complaints and recalls by automobile manufactures, there are still accidents and loss of life caused by defective automobile components. Automobile manufacturers can be put into a position of being required to take responsibility for such injuries or fatalities when caused by defective auto parts. Manufactures are expected to manufacture vehicles that are operational and free of safety hazards and defects.

If you have suffered loss or damage due to auto defects such as a defective airbag, our experienced and professional representation can help reduce your suffering and loss by taking the automobile manufactures to task through legal action. Contact an
Alpharetta car accident lawyer from Van Sant Law, LLC to obtain the assistance you need in your case. Those families who have lost a loved one through such an accident can be assisted by our legal team in filing a wrongful death claim.

We have an experienced team of attorneys who are familiar with the auto industry. We understand what to look for and the intricacies of automobile product liability cases. We are here to help you. We will review your case and assess you position and aggressively pursue the legal remedies to achieve justice on your behalf, thereby helping to compensate for the injury or loss you or your loved ones have experienced.

Having an experienced legal team on your side to provide you skilled representation will help you obtain a favorable outcome to relieve some of the loss or damage you have suffered.

Contact an
Alpharetta auto product liability attorney
if you have experienced loss or injury due to a defective automobile or part.