Discover The Questions You Want Answered Before You Hire Your Lawyer

You have just been devastated by an injury.  The last thing you need right now is to pick the wrong personal injury attorney for your type of injury.  Choosing an attorney is the first and most important decision in your struggle to obtain maximum compensation for your trauma.  Slow down.  Learn about a
personal injury case and how to pick the right lawyer.  Then hire a lawyer and begin the road to recovery knowing you have made the right decision.

First, you shouldn’t hire a lawyer based on advertising alone.  The Yellow Pages and the internet are filled with ads and websites all saying the same thing.  The reality is you have no idea how good a personal injury lawyer is based on a picture of the person, a 10 item list of “practice areas,” and the same promise everyone makes for a free consultation.  You need to get behind the ads and see who is best for your particular type of case.

Where Do I Get Names Of Personal Attorneys To Consider? While it will eventually come down to whether you trust the lawyer to do a good job for you, here are our suggestions for finding lawyers to interview (that’s right we said interview!):

  1. Ask a friend for the name of a personal injury lawyer, but make sure to ask your friend questions about what they liked and did not like about their lawyer.  Also be careful in the type of lawyer your friend is recommending.  Divorce and DUI lawyers are the most frequently used attorneys so the probability is your friend may be giving you the name of someone who does not focus 100% on personal injury.
  2. Ask a lawyer you know for a referral to someone who focuses on personal injury.  Most lawyers are extremely protective of their reputation, so they should not send you to someone who they think is not good because it reflects poorly on the lawyer you asked for the referral.
  3. Look in the Yellow Pages.  The Yellow Pages provides a listing of personal injury lawyers in your area.  But you must, absolutely must, understand the type of practice the attorney advertising in the Yellow Pages is running.  Pay attention to those who list too many specialties.  For example, can someone really be the best in criminal law, divorce, and personal injury all at the same time?  You also must watch for how selective they are with their cases.  Many of the attorneys who run full-page or two full-page ads handle much higher case loads and typically take small cases that we do not accept because they hope to make a living on volume.  These types of practices are sometimes called “mills.”  Your best bet is to get on the Internet and research the attorneys appearing in the Yellow Pages.  Because so many lawyers have such horrible ads, this is your only shot at getting behind the ads.