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It is well-established that serious injury cases require the assistance of a Woodstock personal injury lawyer. How do you know which firm would best protect your interests, and has the ability to pursue the maximum in compensation. Look to Van Sant Law, LLC. The firm has gained national recognition for outstanding results in a number of high profile injury cases. The founder of the firm, David M. Van Sant, formerly worked for a large firm that defended insurance companies. As a litigator serving in this capacity, he gained a great deal of insight into the process, and how insurance companies operate in responding to claims and lawsuits. Upon establishing the firm, he chose to focus his legal talents and skill on representing the injured. He is achieved the highest possible rating from Avvo®, 10.0 or “Superb.”

Trial Lawyers for Personal Injury Claims in Woodstock

Not all law firms have the skills and experience to file a lawsuit in a serious injury case against a large corporation or insurance company. Thankfully, our firm has extensive knowledge on both sides of the process, and a long track record of success. An injury claim is usually related to a very tragic situation, and there is no amount of money that sufficient to make up for loss of ability, disfigurement, permanent injuries or loss of life. The purpose of filing a legal action against the negligent party is to allow the injured or the close family to deal with the consequences of the negligent act. There are many bills that must be covered, including medical bills, hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, alterations to a home to make it accessible for a wheelchair or other similar situations, and in some cases, long term nursing care.

These tragedies devastate families, and forever alter the future of an innocent person. We believe that the injured should be fully compensated, and has the right to recover the maximum possible. The damages must cover all current medical bills, the predicted costs involved in future treatments, and allow the injured access to the most effective treatments. Beyond the medical costs, the pain and suffering and mental anguish that is part of a serious injury must be addressed in financial terms. Every case is unique, and must be analyzed to make a decision about the amount to pursue. Contact our firm for more information about our services.

Family Law, Business Law and Estate Planning

The firm also offers services in other areas of the law, including family law, business law and estate planning. Take advantage of the fact that the firm is made up of trial lawyers and litigators for these important legal matters.

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