Were you or your loved one seriously injured in Sandy Springs?

After a serious injury, families suffer a great deal of worry, anxiety and fear, and are naturally focused on the health and survival of their loved one. Even so, it could not be more important to engage the services of a high quality Sandy Springs personal injury attorney so that any and all supporting evidence of negligence is obtained and carefully preserved. This evidence could be car accident reports, witness reports, vehicles that may be crushed if not preserved, photographs and medical bills and reports from medical personnel who attended to the injured, or observed medical treatment. As there is limited time to legally file a claim or lawsuit under the state’s statute of limitations, we urge you to contact us immediately.

Managing Cases of Serious Injury in Sandy Springs, GA

Understandably, it can be difficult to be considering legal issues, particularly if you are in the hospital trying to stay alive, or recover from a dangerous car, truck or motorcycle accident. There are literally countless ways that a person could suffer a serious injury. These include cases of security failures that have led to an attack or injury on commercial or private premises, a slip & fall that leads to brain damage or spinal cord damage, or an accident that took place on unsafe roads managed by the city, county or state.

As each situation is completely unique, you can’t expect to know the value of your claim without a full analysis of the situation, including the degree of injury and the predicted time for the victim to return to some level of health. This is just one part of the process. Our firm has recovered millions in damages and we provide services on a contingency fee basis – if we don’t win a settlement or positive verdict and award in court, you owe us no attorney fees. We are trial lawyers and litigators that are very confident in facing off with high-powered corporate attorneys that are trying to minimize the financial damage to their clients. We are committed, compassionate and ready to fight. Call us today.

Business Law and Family Law Legal Services in Sandy Springs

We also provide a range of other services to those who live in the Sandy Springs area, including divorce and family law, as well as all business law matters. As litigators, no matter how difficult your situation, you can be confident that you are represented by a firm that does it’s homework before taking a case to court. Contact our firm today.

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