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A sudden accident that results in severe injuries comes as a shock to the entire family. The injured person may be struggling to stay alive, or may have been fatally injured, whether in a case involving a car accident, a commercial truck accidentmotorcycle accident or other vehicle collision. The injuries may be the result of medical malpractice, and the failure to provide the accepted standard of care. An elderly loved one may have been abused while living in a nursing home. There are endless situations that can result in serious injuries or death, and the need for a high quality Duluth personal injury attorney.

Nationally Recognized Law Firm for Personal Injury Cases

At Van Sant Law, LLC, we have garnered a reputation nationally for our ability to win in court. Not all injury claims will require a trial, and many are settled outside of court. This may only occur when we move forward with legal action, and the insurance company realizes who we are, and that it would be costly and unproductive to continue to try to avoid paying our client fair and full compensation. They know who we are, and what we are capable of doing in court, which can be a significant advantage for those we represent.

Our firm is committed to those we serve. We have seen terrible tragedies strike the innocent, and the tragic consequences. Our dedication to our clients, and to pursuing justice and full compensation drives us to perform. Contact our firm for more information about legal representation. We offer our services to those who live in the Duluth area that need a powerful legal team to assist in resolving a personal injury case. Call now.

We also offer services in divorce and family law, business law, and estate planning. As litigators with extensive trial experience, it can be highly beneficial to have these matters addressed by our firm. Call now.

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