You just survived an accident. Do you really want to choose your Alpharetta personal injury attorney by accident too?

Take action. Determine your case before you make a costly mistake.

You deserve good legal information before you talk to an insurance company or a lawyer.

We are personal injury attorneys based in Georgia, handling personal injury accident cases all over metro Atlanta and Alpharetta. We are not here to spend our time and yours talking about ourselves and giving you little one paragraph blurbs on the different kinds of accidents we handle. We are here to teach you about your personal injury case so you make the right decisions from the very start.

We have numerous reports and several guides to help Alpharetta personal injury clients learn about their rights and responsibilities under Georgia law. This website contains the same information we would give our family members or close friends if they were seriously injured. The amount of money an attorney spends on their website can’t affect the size of your recovery or the justice you seek, but knowing your case and choosing the right lawyer is a whole different story.

To get started, you can navigate around the site to learn about a specific type of accident. Because statistically the vast majority of personal injuries in Alpharetta involve car accidents or
truck accidents, we have dedicated entire sections to these types of cases. If you have been involved in another type of accident, go to the
other personal injuries area to learn about your case.

Our Promise to Alpharetta Personal Injury Victims

We will teach you about your case and how to pick the best Alpharetta personal injury attorney. You may learn we are not the best personal injury lawyer for you. And that’s OK. Truth is, we are selective about the clients we accept — just like you should be when choosing your lawyer. If we can’t handle your case, or if you feel we cannot do so, we will refer you to another accident attorney we respect so you may interview him/her in our place.