Alpharetta Car Accident Can Be Avoided with Safe Driving

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The last few months have been fraught with car accidents. Alpharetta,. Cumming, Decatur and surrounding areas have witnessed highway fatalities and side street fender benders, and in most cases, a car accident in Georgia can be avoided.

If you are driving for work, keep in mind that there is no place you need to be in such a hurry as to put yourself at risk. Most corporations and small businesses encourage safe driving, and some even require safe driving courses for employees who travel for their jobs.

Avoiding an accident is usually a matter of putting your attention on the road whenever you are behind the wheel. Phone calls can wait. Texts are taboo whenever you’re driving.. Distracted driving in Alpharetta has caused a significant increase in daytime accidents. Cell phones are often to blame.

Follow this simple rule: when you’re behind the wheel, remember that driving is a privilege. Think back to the driver’s ed course you were required to take when you were first learning to drive. Remember how cautious you were behind the wheel when you first started driving?

Adopt those cautionary habits once again and do your part to reduce car accidents in our communities. Alert and attentive drivers rarely cause accidents and are more likely to be able to avoid them. Keep safe distances between your vehicle and the ones in front of you. Resist the urge to change lanes in heavy traffic. Chances are those frequent lane changes won’t get you where you are going a whole lot faster. Stay in the middle lanes and keep focused on the road and the traffic around you.

Safe driving in Georgia benefits all of us who live and work in this beautiful state.

If you are in an accident in Alpharetta, and you are injured, remember that a personal injury attorney can handle the insurance and legal aspects of your case. David Van Sant is an Alpharetta accident lawyer who cares about his clients.

We hope you never have an accident and are never the victim of an accident, but if you are, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant when you need the services of a car accident lawyer.