Alpharetta Accident Lawyer Says Teen Drivers Need Peer Pressure

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In 2010 more than ten percent of all fatal accidents in Georgia involved teenage drivers. That’s a number large enough to get the Governor involved. The Governor’s office has announced that they will form a Governor’s Commission on Teen Drivers, and the office is looking for 15 to 20 drivers between ages 15 and 19 to participate.

The goal, according to Alpharetta Accident Attorney David Van Sant, is to develop targeted communications and methods for reminding teens about the dangers of distracted and drunk driving. Distracted driving might include having too many passengers in the car, talking on the phone or texting, messing with the radio or navigation device, or any other activities that cause a driver to divert attention from the road.

“Teen drivers typically start out as cautious drivers, but because they are easily distracted, and because there are so many in-car distractions these days, even the best teen drivers can quickly find themselves driving recklessly. Speeding, following too close, and last minute lane changes can all cause accidents,” Van Sant says.

“As many as 75% of accidental deaths by teenagers are the result of car accidents in which teens are driving,” Van Sant says, adding that the goal of the commission is obviously to reduce that number dramatically.

“Teen drivers are the future of this country. Whatever we can do as a society to get through to them about the risks of some of the texting and other distractions they are encountering is a move in the right direction,” Van Sant says.

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