Alpharetta Accident Lawyer Comments on Brown/Gordon Crash

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If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does anyone hear it? If a car accident occurs in Alpharetta and no one sees it, is it required that you report it?

Apparently if you’re a celebrity and you have a car accident in Alpharetta and no one witnesses it, you simply go home. That’s what happened with Bobbi Kristina Brown and her boyfriend/brother Nick Gordon early Sunday morning.

Police were summoned to the condo the couple shares in Alpharetta because of loud arguing reported by neighbors. When they arrived, no one came to the door, but they saw a 2012 Chevy Camaro crashed up pretty bad in the parking garage. Officers say it was obvious it was driven into the garage in that shape. The front end was mangled, the tire was missing, and the air bags were deployed.

So if you have an accident and your vehicle is the only one involved, are you required to report it? If no one was injured, the answer just might be “perhaps not.” However, if you have an accident and expect your insurance to pay for car repairs, you have to report it. Many insurance claims also require a police report.

David Van Sant is an Alpharetta Accident Attorney who works with accident victims. He says that if you are in a one vehicle wreck and no one is injured, you do not have to report the accident to the police. However, if you were driving recklessly and that is the cause of the crash, police just might be called by someone else and then you will need to complete a report.

In this case, the owner of the vehicle will probably just buy a new one. Insurance won’t get involved and police won’t get involved. When air bags deploy, there is always the chance for cuts, facial injuries, or internal bleeding from the impact. It is always wise to be seen by emergency medical personnel.

David Van Sant works with victims of accidents, and if you need a good car accident attorney in Alpharetta, contact his office today.