Can You Afford Not to Get a Lawyer?

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calculating injury claimIf you or someone you love was involved in an incident and sustained an injury due to the fault or negligence of another, you may be wondering whether you need a personal injury attorney to represent you. You may have already spoken with the other party’s insurance adjuster and have concerns about the settlement which they are offering for your condition, or you may not feel comfortable pursuing a claim on your own. While it may hold true that some personal injury cases would provide the victim with a financial award through an insurance claim or even directly from the liable party, there is increasing evidence that suggests that the amount which victims could receive may be much higher if they retain a personal injury attorney.

IRC Study Finds Victims Receive 40% More in Compensation

In an effort to analyze the economic losses, treatments, and injuries of victims, as well as the amount of reimbursements they received, a study was conducted by the Insurance Research Council. The Council surveyed 6,000 individuals who had sustained injuries in vehicular accidents. After reviewing data pertaining to settlement amounts offered by insurance companies, researchers found that victims who had obtained legal counsel received settlements that were 40 percent greater than those who had represented themselves. The IRC launched a separate study to determine the relationship between insurance payouts for car accident injuries and how these amounts were tied to legal representation. According to researchers, 85 percent of all payouts for bodily injury claims are made to victims whom have retained a personal injury attorney. Additionally, when researchers analyzed the total amount of claims paid for all auto injury cases, they found that victims working with attorneys received three times the amount of compensation than those who did not have legal counsel.

ARAC Reveals Difference in Payouts

The All-Industry Research Advisory Council analyzed the correlation between hiring an attorney and economic losses, and found that victims who had experienced larger losses were more likely to seek legal counsel, and victims working with an attorney received a significantly larger settlement. While victims may feel as though they can adequately and successfully represent themselves against another party or corporation, statistics show that those who have sustained injuries should consider hiring a personal injury attorney to ensure they receive the maximum compensation to which they are entitled. Many insurance companies are only seeking to minimize payouts and will often offer low settlements in hopes that victims will agree.

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