In an Accident? Don’t Let Yourself be Bullied

Categories: Truck Accidents

David Van Sant We recently dealt with a truck accident case in our office that involved an individual who had been rear-ended by a truck representing a major retail store. It’s interesting to note that we’ve had more than one client whose run-in with a “professional driver” caused more than a little angst.

Professional truck drivers rely on exceptional driving records to keep their jobs. If they are involved in a traffic accident, they often come under intense scrutiny, not only from their insurance company or the police, but from their employer. As a result, it’s not uncommon for professional drivers to be the least willing to fork over insurance information or to attempt to bully the victim into thinking there’s no damage and no reason to file a claim.

We’re not out to give professional drivers a bad name, but it’s important to realize that this sometimes happens. We recently heard the story of an elderly woman who was at a traffic light and a large furniture truck decided to back up. The bottom of the tractor trailer backed directly over her car’s hood, and no manner of horn honking or shrieking would stop it.

After finally realizing what had happened, the driver asked the woman for her phone number, told her he was in a hurry to make a delivery and that he would call her, and he drove away. Even though the woman was able to identify the company from the truck, when she never heard from the driver and called to inquire, the driver and his co-worker denied that her story was true.

Long story short, because she did not consult with an attorney, she was bullied into paying for her own repair and paint job.

There is a moral to this story: If you are in an accident, even a minor one, call the police. If you have been injured, seek medical treatment first, then contact David Van Sant , a personal injury attorney in Cummings, Georgia, who will make sure no one takes advantage of you.