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AAP Issues Policy on Home Births

AAP Issues Policy on Home Births

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is concerned with the welfare of children all throughout the United States. That is why the academy recently released a policy regarding home births. Many individuals decide they want to have their child in their own home. Sometimes this is because of a religious preference, and other times it is because a mother wants to be traditional or wants to avoid medications that are unnecessary. Yet with a few mistakes, home births can result in disaster. When untrained individuals are delivering a baby, a simple mistake can lead to a lifetime of disability or injury.

The AAP now demands that every home delivery be attended by at least two caregivers including one formally trained to conduct infant resuscitation in the event of an emergency. As well, one of the caregivers is required to conduct a newborn evaluation. Mothers and healthcare providers who want to do a home delivery will need to pretest their telephone to make sure it is in working condition and should monitor the weather so that it will not become a factor if a doctor is suddenly needed. As well, all mothers have been told to make arrangements with a medical facility in case an emergency occurs with a mother and child.

The AAP has covered all of these aspects of the new policy in their medical journal, Pediatrics. Pediatric hospitals and medical facilities are instructed to provide all mothers who are anticipating a home delivery with materials which can help them to understand the implications of their division. The AAP says that home births in the United States are not well supported because of the lack of professionals that are present. The AAP believes hospitals and birthing centers are the safest places to give birth to a baby in the United States. The incidence of home births in the United States is at 1% overall.

If you chose to have a home birth, and were not instructed to hire at least two trained attendants, or hired attendants that were allegedly trained but then failed to care for your infant, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit and seek compensation for the birth injuries that you child suffered. Talk to an attorney at the Firm today if you are looking for an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who can tackle your birth injury case. You want to make sure that medical personnel understand how to deliver ad care for a newborn baby. If they are not able to do this correctly, then you should not have to cover the costs of the medical bills to follow. Hire an Atlanta injury attorney today!

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