A Sad Event: Bus Accidents in the News

Categories: Personal Injury

The operator of the bus that injured 17 Gwinnet County students has been cleared of fault.

On April 10th, the Jamie Villafane, who has been a bus driver for 25 years, claimed to have swerved to miss another vehicle.  The bus ended up going off the road and ending up in a “perilous angle on the embankment.”  Needless to say, the bus was prevented from overturning, but not before some students ended up with broken bones, black eyes, and miscellaneous cuts and bruises.

When you’re on the road, it is important not only to pay attention to your own driving, but to those around you, as well.  Each car type has a different center of gravity and roll inertia.  When a driver causes a bus to swerve, that driver is putting everyone on board that bus in danger.  What may be a slight swerve for you is a devastating swerve for them.

Buses provide students with nearly nine million trips across the country each year.  That equates to around 24 million students being on the road in a bus annually.  While the bus drivers, like Villafane, take on most of the responsibility for those children, every driver on the road owes some duty of care.

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