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Injuries to the spine can be caused by many different types of accidents and activities. A herniated disc, sometime called a “slipped disc” or “ruptured disc” is caused when a sudden or repeated activity pushes the cartilage that acts as a cushion between the vertebrae in your spine out of place or damages it. Whiplash is a common accident in vehicle collisions that stretches the neck and can cause a herniated disc. Such injuries are very painful and can be quite debilitating to the victim. If you have suffered from a herniated disc injury that was caused by the negligence of another you should speak with an attorney at Van Sant Law, LLC.

Our firm has represented clients who have suffered spinal injuries and herniated disc damage to help them get seek the financial settlement they need to get the medical treatment they require. Depending on the severity of your injuries there are number of treatments possible to help a person recover from such an injury. Most doctors will recommend types of exercise and stretching therapy before advising surgery. Other treatment options include prescription medications and epidural steroid injections. Recovery can often be a lengthy process with a greatly limited ability to work. Getting a comprehensive physical diagnosis, often through the help of an MRI, is essential to properly assess the extent of the damage and determine the type and length of your treatment plan.


If your herniated disc is the result of a work accident, your injuries should be covered under workers’ compensation. Our firm is very experienced in pursuing workers’ comp claims to ensure you get the full benefits you are entitled to receive. If your injury was caused by the negligence of another such as in a car accident or slip and fall accident, we can help you seek the maximum financial settlement possible for all your medical expenses. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you seek justice and fight for the maximum settlement possible for your neck or spinal injury.