Do Your Personal Injury Medical Records Have Red Flags?

Categories: Personal Injury

personal injury medical records

Injury Attorney Explains how Medical Records can Affect Settlements for Accident Victims in Atalanta Your accident case will have many forms of evidence, but one of the most critical is that of your medical records. Unfortunately, insurance claims adjusters will do whatever they can to lower a person’s settlement; to do that, they look for…

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When Road Conditions Cause Accidents, Who is at Fault?

Categories: Personal Injury

road conditions

Experienced Injury Attorney Agressively Fighting for Victims of Accidents Due to Road Conditions in Atlanta and all of Georgia Poor road conditions can lead to severe vehicle damage and devastating accidents. However, determining who is liable is not always easy. After all, not all instances of accidents caused by road conditions result in a personal…

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What it Takes to be a Top 10 Trucking Lawyer

Categories: Truck Accidents

top trucking lawyer

Trucking Attorneys Serving all of Atlanta, Georgia Trucking Trial Lawyers Top 10 is a list of the most superior attorneys who represent victims of trucking accidents. The Top 10 is based on invitation-only; therefore, not just any attorney can join. Instead, the professional organization is limited to the Top 10 attorneys from each state or…

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What Evidence is Used in a Car Accident Claim?

Categories: Personal Injury Attorneys

evidence used in car accident claim

Car Accident Attorney Explains the use of Evidence in Vehicle Crashes in Atlanta, Georgia After a car accident, you (along with an attorney), must prove two main elements in order to qualify for damages: the accident was the result of someone’s negligence and that you suffered injuries. Providing evidence of your physical injuries, as well…

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What Are Liens and How Will They Impact My Settlement?

Categories: Personal Injury

liens and settlement

A personal injury settlement lien is quite common today. Lawsuits of this nature could last months or even years; therefore, entities and individuals waiting for compensation from a personal injury settlement may place a lien to secure payment in the future. While you wait for your settlement to be completed, you may be presented with…

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Express Versus Implied Warranties: How They Affect Your Claim

Categories: Product Liability


Most items you purchase are covered by some form of warranty. The warranty may not be explicitly stated, but the warranty is still offered. When it comes to consumer products, there are two types of warranties: Expressed and implied. Expressed warranties are those that are clearly stated. These warranties may be printed on the product…

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First Steps to Take After an Injury While Shopping

Categories: Premises Liability

slip and fall

After a serious injury, the first thing on your mind is the injury itself. However, if that injury occurs while you are shopping, it is important to consider the legal aspects of that injury, too. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be limited as to the actions you can take, but the…

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Is a Teen Driver Liable for Damages in an Auto Accident?

Categories: Car Accidents

teen driver

Teenagers are a high-risk category when it comes to driving. That is why parents experience heightened insurance premiums the moment when they add their teen driver to the policy. Most states recognize the danger as well, which is why parents or guardians can be legally liable for damages caused by their teen drivers. When a…

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